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Full Stack is a highest in demand IT profession not only for the short term needs, but also for sustainable needs of the market. As a full stack developer, your demand in the market is always high. We are so happy to announce the new class is starting on December 12 2023.

The question is – Are you ready to change your life? Become an IT professional? If yes, proceed..

Full Stack

What is that? Involves a couple of disciplines under it. It allows one to be, as the name implies, an all rounded IT professional who can provide solutions for a given problem.

Do I need prior IT knowledge – No. The class assumes no prior IT experience. It starts from the basics of computers.

What courses are included? – Web development, more on this shortly, Amazon Web Services, Database development and Testing.

If you have experience, it helps but not necessary for the class. We start from simple concepts and make our way up.

Job Opportunities? – Being a full stack developer, you can work on at least three skills. This makes your demand high in the market. You can apply for multiple positions as you have more skills.

When is the class starting? – The class starts on December 12 2023. More information regarding orientation, daily schedules and requirements are to be communicated.

How much does it cost – The cost breakdown for each phase is listed under the section of Course Offerings. You can find it there.

Where to register – You can make payments using Zelle. We prefer zelle if you already have it.
Zelle – Phone number 240 877 8161 You can use First name: Practical and Last name IT on the payment form.

Also you can use:
register  @ register.thepracticalit.com

Web Development

This is a bigger segment of the course. Simply, the website is where one interacts to consume or to provide data. There is another part, server/backend, which is responsible for most of the tasks like registering, producing reports, handling payments and more.

As an example, when you log into Gmail to read your emails, what you see on your browser, through chrome or internet explorer, is mostly the “web” or a display part. Whereas, the actual email you are reading, are coming from server. For the web development part, we focus more on the creation of the website itself.

Components of the Web Development:

  • HTML – HyperText Markup Language.
  • CSS – Cascading Style Sheet
  • JavaScript – the programming part.

The above is comes in two phases – The first for HTML and CSS and the second is with JavaScript.

Amazon Web Services – AWS

Web applications, for that matter any application, needs to be accessible through the internet. Otherwise, it won’t be available for all of us to use it.

So one way to make the solution accessible for everyone is to use AWS. AWS is huge by itself. There are lots of products/services in there. We select services that are relevant to the web developer and the most common ones in the industry.

Database Development

Data is everything and it is everywhere. Your GPS takes you from point A to point B using stored data. Facebook is full of data about you, your friends and more. Most of the things you get on the internet are stored in the database.

This course explains how we store, manipulate, secure and transform data using the database management system.

Quality Assurance / Testing

Websites, mobile applications and any software at the end of the day are products. A product needs testing and its quality assured. The class is about making testing the application.

Testing is not only to see if something fails or not. It is crucial to make sure the features keep working after any update. In the earlier days Testing used to be done manually.

But not any more. You need a programming concept and frameworks that facilitate testing. At least, a bit of testing knowledge is essential for the full stack developer to be competent and to stay relevant in the industry.

How is the class conducted?

Class is online on Tuesday Thursday and Friday from 6PM to 8PM EST.

It is an online class with live instructor where the instructor helps you with issues, works with you on exercises and you can ask questions and be helped out on any problem that you face.

If you live in the DC Maryland Virginia area and would like to get some help by going to the classroom physically, we do have an office in downtown Silver Spring MD also.

You get video lectures to go through on your own pace prior to the class on the topics you will be discussing with the instructor in the class.

Incase you miss the class, no worries. All classes have their corresponding videos which are available on the next day ready for you.

The online help desk, where instructors are going to wait for your questions from 10AM to 4PM EST Mon-Fri. In this session, you can get your questions answered, if there are technical difficulties, the instructors will help to resolve it as well.


Payments are included in the next Course Offerings section. If you can pay all at once, you can take an advantage of the discount offered.

You can also pay per phase, there are four phases. But, we can take it even further than that to meet your financial situation.

We can make special arrangement as needed to make it more affordable through installment payments.

Course Offerings.

All phases are supported by the lecture videos, exercises and assignments. You go over videos explaining each and every concept, and then you attend a live session of the class.

During the live session, we go over the lecture videos and invest most of our time on hands-on practical exercises.

There are weekly and daily assignments, worksheets, mini and mega projects, reading and conducting/leading classes and more.

Phase I

  • Basics of computers – how computers work, networks, parts of computers, hardware, software and general concepts.
  • HTML(5) – HyperText Markup Language.
  • CSS – Cascading Style Sheets.
  • Bootstrap – The CSS Framework.
  • Using commercial and open source themes/templates.
  • Designing rules.
  • 508 compliance and tools – Making the website for every one.
  • Basics of getting into programming.
  • Understanding and working with Git/GitHub.

This session runs for 4 (four) weeks including summary, project and evaluation.

Lecture video included.

Live Session: 9 (Nine) Hours/Week. Three days a week – Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 6PM to 8PM Easter Standard Time.

Price: $449 (discount from $649) *Special discount going for the month of December 2023 only.

Phase II

  • Concepts of Programming.
  • Control and Loop statements.
  • Arrays Functions and Objects.
  • Common Built in functions.
  • Document Object Model (DOM manipulation).
  • ES6 – The newer version of JavaScript.
  • Classes – Object Oriented Programming in JavaScript.
  • Randomizers, Timers, Date.
  • Advanced concepts in JavaScript.
  • Testing and Debugging in JavaScript.
  • Introduction to Algorithms.

This session runs for 4 (four) Weeks Plus 2(two) weeks of summary, project and evaluation.

Lecture video included.

Live Session: 9 (Nine) Hours/Week. Three days a week – Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 6PM to 8PM Easter Standard Time.

Phase III

  • Introduction to React.
  • React in depth.
  • Introduction Node JS.
  • Node JS in depth.
  • Database Development with Mongo
  • Communicating with a Server.
  • Deploying application.
  • Testing applications using frameworks.
  • Tools that every full stack developer must know.
  • Cyber Securing web applications.
  • Basics of Project Management with agile methodology.

This session runs for 8 (eight) Weeks Plus 2(two) weeks of summary, project and evaluation.

Lecture video included.

Live Session: 9(nine) hours/Week. Three days a week – Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 6PM to 8PM Easter Standard Time.

Phase IV

  • Mega Project – Real scenario application development with all industry tools.
  • AWS – Amazon Web Services.
  • Agile development.
  • Utilizing Scrum in Action.
  • Project management tools.
  • Collaboration with a team on real world application.

This phase runs for 4 (four) Weeks Plus 1(One) weeks of evaluation.

This is practical class including the AWS. All live sessions are recorded.

Live Session: 9(nine) hours/week. Three days a week – Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 6PM to 8PM Easter Standard Time.

*If you are referred, please mention that and get extra discount.


*We have other payment options as well, give us a call and we will work it through.

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*All live sessions are recorded and videos will be available for further review.

*The times and courses listed here can be adjusted as needed.

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