This COVID thing might be taking all the thinking we have. It looks all the news, our friends and families, neighbors, publications and even entertainment outlets are tall taking about it.

But, on the flip side, most of us got the chance to have time for our families, to finish some task but most importantly to have time for our selves.

Yeah, what are we on? What will the future bring for us? Where do we want ourselves to see it in a year or two? This time will allow us to think about it well and straight.

The current situation of COVID has shown businesses that they need to have the online presence more than ever during this time. Looking at what is going on, those businesses having only brick and mortar are the one suffering a lot. So, the future is more on the online and contactless kind of interactions.

IT has been the backbone of the businesses, communications, entertainments, transactions, transportations and more. The more one is engaged with the IT the possibilities are enormous, even in such hard times.

Case in point, see who is still working in a remote jobs these days. Those in relation to the IT jobs are not only securing their jobs so far, but also are working in the relatively safe environment for their health – from their home.

One can also do this and join the IT community and take share in it. Students from all walks of life are making a progress in their journey to IT and make a great life for themselves and their families.

What courses are provided in this session?

Practical IT has selected hand picked courses that are fit on the following criteria

  • No prior IT knowledge is required
  • Market oriented
  • Well paying
  • Short term
  • Increasing in demand

With this we have identified the Web Development and Amazon Web Services courses to be the good candidates to be picked.

How am I going to be provided the courses?

Students will be provided the course materials that are metered to be done for each week. These materials include, the course, assignments, worksheets and reading materials.

Then we will meet once a week initially, and more later as needed, to go over if students have any questions, if there are problems working on assignments or worksheets and finally working on the core concepts that needs to be revised and class works.

Also, there are daily assignments and periodical mini projects students will be working on to get the knowledge and expertise. The daily assignments and projects will be corrected and feedback is given on it. That helps to see the correction and learn from it.

Students will be engaged with study groups which allows to get involved with additional worksheets and problem solving skills.

What is after I am done with the class?

Once students are done with the IT courses, they will get the skill. This is important ingredient in life changing job one will land soon. If one doesn’t have the skill, pretty much it is difficult to get into the next steps.

But skill by itself won’t cut it. One needs exposure or “experience” that will support the skill and make one a good candidate for the job.

That is where we will be going after the class is done. Students work on the real-world software solving specific problems. See what it means to work in teams, using industry tools, to be on time on tasks and more.

So, the project students will be working on will galvanize what they have in the skill set and gives an opportunity to see what is going on the IT world. This gives the second important ingredient – Experience.

After this we will be working on resume, and interview preparations. These are more or less easier to get into as students are well equipped with the others important ones – Skill and Experience. Then we will be using our circle to place to job.

Path to Success

The secret to success through IT courses is straight forward. Yet it requires strict followup and discipline. Without it, the road to the success might not be as near as we are expecting it. This shall work for everything but for IT it is very important.

Along with making sure we are into it, following the steps is also important. We can’t think of landing to the IT job with great pay without acquiring the right skill. We can’t think of having a killer resume without exposure/experience and we can’t think of having an interview without proper resume.

These all requires, of course, dedication and visualization that students can actually achieve it. As important as this one, the following are also key towards success:

  • Avoid having discussion that doesn’t add value.
  • Spend time on working to improve communication skill – both writing and speaking. These are helpful during interview.
  • Get a habit of reading one or two articles at least per day. Specially on areas of technology, psychology, marketing and business.
  • Always set aside time for things that needs improvement. It could be reading, exercise, accomplishing tasks..
  • Be friend with those who are already in the IT. They will talk about IT, they will help to find next job, they will guide and be a mentor. We are the mentors for our students.
  • Believe in success can be achieved.
  • Avoid negative thinking, and scarcity mentality.

What is next?

Be a captain of the life’s ship. Sail to the right direction and make a better life. Lots of people have been on this journey and have made it with great accomplishment.

What one is doing right now has nothing to do with what he or she can become. What one can think now, has a lot and decisive impact on what one can become. Doing all sorts of odd jobs out there can’t limit in anyway from reaching the goal.

Here in USA, one can plan and design a life. if not done so, the time is now. We can definitely help in guiding our students to the right direction and show them the right way for success.

Call US today at 240 877 8161 or email us for any questions Act before it is too late and reap the benefit that is just awaiting.